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When seeking an important job a well written and comprehensive resume and cover letter can be a major deciding factor. Our resume and cover letter service will give you the edge you need to get that critical first interview. Even with an extensive work history or educational background if your resume and cover letter are not laid out or written correctly you can miss that important first step. If you provide us with your full details and work history as well as your educational background we will create a wonderful custom written resume for a price well below any others. Satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back.

Here are some key features that employers will look for during your interview process.

First Impression

  • Does the resume look original and not based on a template?

  • Is the resume inviting to read, with clear sections and ample white space?

  • Does the design look professional rather than like a simple typing job?

  • Is a qualifications summary included so the reader immediately knows the applicant's value proposition?

  • Is the length and overall appearance of the resume appropriate given the career level and objective?


  • Does the resume provide a visually pleasing, polished presentation?

  • Is the font appropriate for the career level and industry?

  • Are there design elements such as bullets, bolding and lines to guide readers' eyes through the document and highlight important content?

  • Is there a good balance between text and white space?

  • Are margins even on all sides?

  • Are design elements like spacing and font size used consistently throughout the document?

  • If the resume is longer than a page, does the second page contain a heading? Is the page break formatted correctly?


  • Does the resume include a solid listing of career accomplishments?

  • Are accomplishments quantified by using numbers, percentages, dollar amounts or other concrete measures of success?

  • Do accomplishment statements begin with strong, varied action verbs?

  • Are accomplishments separated from responsibilities?



So take the stress out of writing a strong resume and cover letter and let us help you.


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